Tools for Wooden Models

Lets talk about tools here.
Saws and jigs.


Then lets put a link that ties to our kids page here.


And talk in more detail about what the tools do here.

Tools for Plastic Models

Lets talk about glue and tools here.
Sandpaper knives and brushes, brands, tips, hints and cheats.


Then lets put a KID SAFE LINK into a sentence about kids here. 


And talk in more detail about what the plastic models need from a workshop for adults.

Kid's Projects (Click Here)

Budget Creations

What if we are on a budget???


Any text can be used as a link, so lets put a kid friendly budget link here.


Here go the details... that way I can get to what matters MOST first, and the details go here in descending order.

Ready to Get Started?

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Building Model Planes

Building Stands

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